Artificial Grass Accessories

Artificial grass offers a low-maintenance option for paved gardens, shop fronts, and high traffic areas. Even so, artificial grass still needs to be kept in tip-top condition. We at UK Flooring Supplies Online offer a range of products which enable you to do just that.

Most of our artificial grass accessories are manufactured and supplied by Envirostik. They are situated in Hixon, Staffordshire and part of the Sandmaster Group. Sandmaster is the UK’s largest manufacturer of foam-based abrasives. Over 99% of its products are exported around the world. The company designs and builds its own production equipment.

Envirostik products include a range of fixatives and sealants, such as the Aquabond range of products, and scrim tape.

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  • EnviroStik Multi Purpose Adhesive 5kg

    £27.00 ex VAT
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  • Scrim Tape

    £70.00 ex VAT
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  • EnviroStik Aqua Bond Adhesive 310ml (box of 12)

    £90.00 ex VAT
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  • EnviroStik Aqua Bond 310ml Adhesive

    £10.00 ex VAT
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  • EnviroStik Lawn Fix Seaming Tape

    £95.00 ex VAT
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