Timber Flooring

Wood Flooring for Commercial Use & Domestic Use

Engineered timber wood as the name suggests is made from timber. It is the next best thing to solid hardwood flooring and is considerably cheaper in price. Engineered timber floors are made by sandwiching several boards together with the top layer being hardwood, which can be different thicknesses; the thicker the top layer, the more times it will be possible to sand down and reseal for a rejuvenated appearance. The bottom layer is usually made from ply board. This product is often chosen by customers who want to achieve a rustic and natural look by fitting a floor that is long lasting and do not want the expense of a solid hardwood floor. Many customers like the fact that even after a little wear their timber floor actually gains extra authenticity and character.

We offer 2 types of engineered timber; 3-strip and single plank. The single plank option is created with the top layer being made from one wooden timber plank, this means that the grains run through each plank from one side to the other, without any breaks and gives a look most similar to a solid hardwood floor. The top layer on the 3-strip option is made by securing a number of smaller planks together to form a single plank. This gives a busier appearance and gives more of a ‘parquet’ effect even though when fitted the planks all point in the same direction rather than in a geometric pattern, as usually seen with parquet. Both types are fantastic looking products and it is simply down to which ‘look’ you prefer. Due to the positioning of the boards it is pretty much impossible for the boards to shrink or swell in different temperatures and therefore it also offers excellent performance qualities. Engineered timber wood flooring for commercial use aswell as domestic is an excellent floorcovering choice for any project whether it be for a kitchen, dining room, lounge, bedroom, school assembly hall or conference hall. Engineered Timber floors are available in a choice of many attractive colours and finishes and we also offer a wide choice of timber floor accessories.