Colonia Wood PUR

Polyflor Colonia Flooring – Beautiful Vinyl Tiles for Your Interiors

If you want luxury vinyl tiles that resemble natural wood, then the Polyflor Colonia vinyl floor tiles are among the best alternatives on the market. The biggest selling point of the tiles is that you get the stunning aesthetics of the natural material without all the high maintenance that it comes with.

They deliver a stylish wood effect that makes the floor hard to differentiate from the real thing. Additionally, you enjoy the long service of vinyl tiles.

Polyflor is a top-tier manufacturer of flooring products and, therefore, buyers can be certain about the quality and durability of Colonia flooring. UK Flooring Supplies Online is a leading supplier of Polyflor Colonia LVT tiles.

Quality Installations in Various Interiors

Thanks to the elegance of Colonia LVT flooring, the tiles are suitable for a number of environments. The tiles are designed for all home interiors from the living room to bathrooms the kitchen.

Polyflor Colonia Wood PUR comes in over 20 shades, so you can easily pick one that matches your interior decor requirements. The PUR reinforcement in the LVT tiles allows them to put up with heavy traffic needs without demanding constant and expensive maintenance.

Polyflor Colonia works well with other products, such as the Camaro flooring tiles. If you prefer commercial-grade wood flooring, then Polyflor Expona is a good alternative.

Energy-Efficient Flooring Solutions

The engineered wood of the Colonia vinyl tiles offers excellent value, especially if you intend to cut your carbon footprint. For one, the tiles contain approximately 40% recycled material.

They also have a Gold rating in indoor air comfort because they have extremely low VOC emissions. If you require faux solid wood floors that improve your indoor air quality without costing too much, then the Colonia range is a safe bet.

Contact us to leverage some of the most affordable online prices in the UK for Polyflor Colonia flooring. You also get free delivery for orders of £150 or above.

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