Safetred Universal 2mm

Provide High-Level Protection with Tarkett Safetred Universal

Tarkett is one of the leading makers of quality safety flooring. The manufacturer has different LVT ranges tailored to specific requirements. Tarkett Safetred Universal is made for areas with high risks of slips and falls.

It is built with R10 slip resistance to offer maximum protection. Installing Safetred Universal flooring means reducing accidents and making surfaces more comfortable to walk on. You can get the vinyl floors for your home, business or health facilities like aged care centres.

The particle-based slip resistance makes the product suitable for barefoot and footwear use. Turn to UK Flooring Supplies for genuine Tarkett floors.

A Format for Every Floor

The Safetred Universal collection is available in over 30 formats. They come in different textures and hues. Buyers with varying requirements can find the ideal product in which to invest.

For example, Orion is perfect when complementing a rustic interior decor theme. The Tarkett safety floors have reinforced surfaces that provide excellent stain resistance. Your floors get to maintain their lustre for a long time with the right care. A huge advantage of Safetred Universal floors is that they can be used with other brands.

For instance, Altro safety vinyl would be appropriate in wet or dry environments. We stock accessories as well, such as adhesives, to guarantee quality installations. You can get high-grade products from brands like Tremco and F. Ball.

UK Flooring Supplies is a top online supplier of Tarkett Safetred Universal flooring thanks to our great prices. Save on delivery costs for orders that exceed £150. Browse our product category to find the most suitable product for your flooring solutions.

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