Common Questions Answered About Safety Flooring

Common Questions Answered About Safety FlooringSafety flooring is often used within environments associated with significant chances of slipping or falling. Some common examples include schools, factories, raised platforms, and stairwells. There are many different types of flooring in existence. Some brand names such as Altro safety flooring can be configured to suit nearly any requirement and there are a wide range of styles to choose from. It is still important to address some common questions so that you are capable of making an informed decision.

Can Safety Floors be Used Within Wet Environments?

One of the most beneficial aspects associated with modern safety flooring is that there are specific configurations particularly designed for moist or consistently wet environments (such as a wet room or around the periphery of a pool). These surfaces offer non-slip characteristics and they have also been fitted with anti-mould technology.

Why are Different Colours Offered?

There are two main reasons why safety flooring is available in a wide range of colours. The first involves the aesthetic requirements of the customer or the existing decor within a room. The second is associated with visibility (such as within low-light environments). You can also choose patterns which contain reflective chips if you hope to achieve a mottled effect.

How Easy is it to Clean Safety Flooring?

The very nature of safety flooring ensures that cleaning is generally a cinch. While the exact instructions will likely vary between different products, the majority of requirements can be addressed with normal techniques such as detergent solutions. The maintenance techniques will also depend upon the amount of foot traffic within a specific area as well as if the presence of other chemicals (such as oils) is a regular hazard. Always read the instructions carefully and when in doubt, be sure to contact the manufacturer directly.

UK Flooring Supplies Online is home to a wide range of safety flooring options and we work together with some of the best brand names in the industry. Should you have additional questions or if you would like to schedule a thorough consultation, please contact one of our representatives. We are more than happy to provide further insight.

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