How Much Flooring Do I Need?

How Much Flooring Do I NeedDo you plan on tackling a do-it-yourself flooring project in the near future? Have you finally decided to install luxury vinyl tiles within a room of your home? If so, a number of preparatory steps will first need to be taken.

Not only must you find the correct style and design of the flooring in question, but it is important to accurately measure the amount of material that is required. However, this is actually a bit more challenging than it may appear at first glance. This is why we have broken the process down into a number of discrete steps.

1. Initial Measurements

Measure the length and width of the room in question. Multiplying these two figures will provide you with the overall surface area (either in square feet or square metres). If there are additional spaces (such as a walk-in closet), measure these separately and combine all figures in order to determine the amount of flooring that will be needed.

2. Accommodating for Cuts and Wastage

It is always a good idea to begin such a project with a conservative approach. This is why experts recommend that you increase the overall surface area measured by ten per cent. This can help to accommodate for specific cuts or any mistakes that might be made during the installation. In other words, overestimation is always better than underestimating a project.

3. Consult with a Professional Retailer to Confirm the Measurements

Assuming that you have determined the approximate measurements, it is prudent to take these to a local retailer. A representative will be able to provide you with further recommendations and additional advice. While determining the amount of flooring required for a future project is not overly complicated, it still requires a good deal of preparation.

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