How to Properly Remove Vinyl Tiles from a Plywood Floor

How to Properly Remove Vinyl Tiles from a Plywood FloorThere are many do-it-yourself projects which are much easier to accomplish than you may have initially realised. One example can be seen in the process of removing vinyl floor tiles from a plywood base.

While a bit of effort and preparation will be required, the fact of the matter is that even those who have never tackled such a task before can enjoy surprising results if they know where to begin. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

What Tools are Suggested?

Before you get started, be sure to purchase the correct tools for the upcoming job. You will require a handheld scraper with a stiff blade (such as a six-inch putty knife). This is used to separate the tiles from the plywood.

A hammer, a wire brush, gloves, and goggles are also wise accessories to have close by. Assuming that you have these tools, how can you begin?

Start at the Periphery

Start at one edge of the floor as opposed to the centre. It will normally be much easier to begin peeling the tiles back. The only exception is if a section has already become loose. In this case, you may begin here. Slide the scraper between the tile and the plywood.

Gently tap the handle with the hammer (making certain not to accidentally hit your hand). The tile should begin to peel back. Keep in mind that this is a rather methodical process, so it is better to take your time until all of the vinyl has been removed.

An Eye for Detail

As plywood is a relatively soft material, there can be times when you inadvertently cause gouges in its surface. These can be filled with putty before applying new flooring. Use the wire brush to remove any stubborn adhesive that may remain on the plywood.

If you happen to notice any protruding nails or screws, be sure to tap them down with a hammer in order to avoid unsightly bumps once the new floor is installed.

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