Carpet Tile Spray Adhesive 500ml Box of 12 Cannisters


Box of 12 Canisters

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Resilient Installations with Carpet Adhesive Spray

The right carpet tiles are only part of good flooring. You also need suitable accessories. Carpet adhesive spray is one of the products that you must choose carefully.

The glue that holds tiles together has to be top-tier quality. For one, carpet glue spray must be able to withstand all the punishment that the carpeting goes through.

Tiles must remain intact through scuffing, trampling and pulling. Commercial carpet tiles have to be particularly durable to survive heavy-duty use. UK Flooring Supplies Online is the right place to find quality spray adhesive.

Simple and Confidence Performance

Our range of carpet tile adhesives is made to deliver unmatched performance. They are not only easy to use but also guarantee longevity. The carpet glue spray provides uncomplicated installations, thereby saving you money. What makes spray adhesive a good investment?

It eliminates the need to trowel and roller when fitting carpet tiles. Spraying also uses less adhesive compared to trowelling.

Another advantage is that spray glue doesn’t leave a mess. Additionally, you can lay backed carpets and begin using immediately. Additionally, you can lay backed carpets and use the floor immediately.

Our contact adhesive is suitable for use with various flooring backgrounds, including plywood, chipboard and concrete. You can also apply the glue on a wide range of carpeting solutions from Burmatex to Interface carpet tiles.

For carpet tile installations that last as long as they should, use superior standard glue. Get our carpet adhesive spray at some of the lowest online prices. Save on shipping costs when you order products worth more than £150.
Each canister will cover approximately 4 square metres.