F Ball Styccobond F84 Adhesive



Styccobond F84 Adhesive is a two part kit from F Balls and Co Ltd

F84 adhesive has been designed to secure vinyl, linoleum, rubber and textiles floorcoverings. It can be used when installing flooring onto the Stopgap Isolator Membrane or other structurally sound, smooth and dry subfloors such as plywood, sand/cement screed and concrete. When used on any non-absorbent surfaces such  as waterproof surface membranes, a mimimum 3mm of the appropriate Stopgap smoothing underlayment must be skimmed. This two-part reactive epoxy adhesive is ideal for areas which are likely to be subject to surface water and heavy traffic, as when cured the F84 adhesive is resistant to water, grease and oil.

With the kit you will receive a resin and a hardener which are supplied in the correct quantities ready for mixing without measuring. Coverage will depend on the conditions and absorbency of the subfloor.

2kg kit covers approx. 4-6m2 depending on the trowel size. 

5kg kit covers approx. 10-15m2 depending on the trowel size. 

 Surface Preparation of F84 Adhesive

To install any floorcovering correctly it is essential to be aware of and follow the proper guidance. Please read the appropriate product sheets below which have been obtained from the manufacturer to give full guidance on surface preparation. Included in the document is information on damp subfloors, smoothing, priming, mixing, adhesive application, precautions, storage, open time and shelf life.

Styccobond F84 Product Data

Stopgap Isolator Membrane Data

Demonstration Video

All information has been obtained from the manufacturer.




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