Karndean Opus

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Each Pack Contains 3.34 m2

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Karndean Opus is the way to go for urban living. Its sleek, modern design makes it perfect for anyone living in an urban environment who needs tiles that match their colour scheme. Its simple lines mean you’ll always have plenty of visual space without sacrificing style and its high concentration of gray floors means you can incorporate other colours seamlessly!

From gray to dark blue and metallic, Karndean’s Opus provides a wide range of colour tones that will match any home. The consistency between all these hues makes it easy to buy individual pieces or entire ranges because they are all complementary with each other!

This range of Karndean flooring allows for wear and tear making it perfect for high-traffic areas like hallways or kitchens as well as commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants.

This stone-effect flooring provides a mixture of different designs, including strip tiles that allow you to create the effect of grout between flagstones! This feature is perfect for giving your space an authentic touch without all the hard work! But it doesn’t stop there; other styles like panels and rectangles give you endless design choices.

The cold, hard surfaces of luxury vinyl make it an easy choice if you want to create a more contemporary setting. Its textured surface adds warmth and dimension without sacrificing any material strength. Still stuck for choice? Why not check out our Karndean Art Select and Karndean Knight Tile ranges for more design possibilities.

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