Oak Scotia



Filled Gaps and Beautiful Floors with Oak Scotia Beading

When installing wood flooring, the accessories used matter a great deal. Hardwood beading is one of the crucial components required to get your floors in tip-top shape. The strip of wood is fitted in the gaps left around the edges of a room.

When installing solid wood, engineered wood or laminate flooring, you have to leave gaps around the edges for expansion. Without this space, wood flooring would buckle and lift. The beading covers these gaps and leaves the flooring looking pretty.

Oak Scotia is one of two main beadings that you can fit when working with hardwood floors. This beading blends with the flooring discreetly without having to remove the existing skirting.

UK Flooring Supplies is a reputable online shop where you can buy Oak Scotia beading and other accessories.

Improve Your Indoors

Since wood flooring accessories come in a broad range, you must ensure that you buy high-quality products. With our oak beading, you get premium accessories that will complement home or office decor. Without beading, a floor appears incomplete and that can mess up the whole look.

Whether it’s a living room, home office or office reception area, you can create an attractive space. The beading sits flush against the wall or skirting board to provide a smooth finish.

Whatever your decoration demands, the beading fits right in. Although the beading matches with oak flooring, you can varnish or stain it to suit your needs.

Get Superior Quality Beading

The right oak floor beading varies from one project to another. With our products, you get an easy-to-install accessory that won’t add unnecessary costs to your flooring project. Since the trim is made from solid oak, it guarantees durability.

The smooth finish of the beading leaves a seamless look when used to cover the expansion gap between the floor and the skirting architrave. When you buy Oak Scotia beading from us, we promise the lowest online prices.

Our fast delivery ensures that you receive your purchases in good time wherever you are in the UK. Also, we offer free delivery for orders of over £150.

Wood beading is a must-have if you want your floors to look well designed. Contact us to order premium and genuine Oak Scotia.