Polyflor Vinyl LOC Underlay


Price is Per Pack of 10m2


Polyflor Vinyl LOC Underlay System for use with Interlocking vinyl flooring

Please see official product data sheet attached for full specification and information.

Polyflor Vinyl Loc Underlay

Polyflor Vinyl LOC Underlay is suitable for use in both the home and light commercial interiors. Due to it’s pressure resistant and joint friendly foam core the Polyflor Vinyl LOC underlay system under your interlocking vinyl flooring, will give you a stable and comfortable to walk on. With an anti-slip surface you will also improve your flooring durability.

Additional Key Features

  • Protects the floor; Smoothes minor subfloor imperfections ensuring the floor stays even for a consistent finish.
  • Improved acoustics/ sound reductionShock-absorbing flooring structure reducing walking noise in the room by 3dB. Ideal for use in apartments and bedrooms reducing the noise that is transmitted to neighbouring rooms.
  • Simple to use; Very simple to use, as it is available in the form of fanfold panels with a cutting pattern and a connection system that slots tightly together. Also supplied in a convenient box for ease of handling.
  • Water absorption; has a low water absorption of less than 1%. The foam core does not expand and soak up water preventing the growth of mould and mildew.

Each pack contains 10m2. Panel sizes are stated below;

Gauge / Thickness 1.5mm
Fold-out panel size 8.5 x 1.18m = 10m2
Impact Sound Reduction Up to 19dB (ISO 10140)
Water absorption < 1% (EN 12087)
Suitable for underfloor heating YES