Scrim Tape


Price is per Roll


Artificial Grass Joining Tape with Strong Adhesive

Traditionally, artificial lawn installation is achieved through the use of heavy-duty metal staples. This method can be time consuming and lead to a lot of damage in grass if not done properly. With Envirostik Lawn-Fix artificial grass joining tape, you need no additional tools or adhesive: just peel and stick! It’s so simple and so easy – how does it get better than that?!

Envirostik Lawn-Fix artificial grass joining tape is the perfect and simplest way to keep your artificial grass laying neatly. With a single solvent free material, Envirostik offers flexible application on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The artificial grass joint tape’s high-tack adhesive makes it easy for you to reposition before applying pressure to finalise the installation of your lawn perfecting its edges with elegance and class!

This joining tape is formulated to flow into substrates, and it’s this ability that makes it particularly useful for rough surfaces. Made with a plastic base carrier and adhesive layer, the tape is protected by silicon release paper, which must be removed before use. Easy to use without leaving any sticky residue on hand or object.

It is recommended that scrim tape is recommended for lighter traffic areas such as patios, walkways, or bench seating due to the adhesive levels being less than that of a standard liquid adhesive. Price per roll (100m x 200m).