How to Repair Sheet Vinyl Flooring

The sheet vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and repair compared to other types of floorings. They are water-resistant, which makes them excellent for water-prone places in the house. They are also easy to clean.How To Repair Sheet Vinyl Flooring

They also don’t attract stubborn stains and they come in different designs to choose from. However, the flooring may get damaged; it’s inevitable. Here is how you can repair the damage.

Assess the Damages

How you are going to repair the flooring will depend on the kind of damage. The small scratches and cuts can easily be fixed with the seam liquid sealer that you buy with the flooring.

Just make sure you clean the damaged area first before you apply the sealer. The repair will be invisible once the liquid sealer has dried.

For burns and other significant damages, you will have to cut the affected areas entirely and replace them. For the repairs, these are some of the things you will need to have.

  1. Masking tape
  2. Vinyl adhesives
  3. Wax paper
  4. Putty knife
  5. A seam sealing kit
  6. T-square
  7. Pencil


Cut the damaged vinyl piece and use it to measure the new piece that will replace it. Make sure they are the same size; you can use the T-square to get accurate measurements. When cutting both pieces, be sure to follow the pattern lines on the vinyl.

The repairs have to be invisible; that is why the patterns need to match the undamaged floor. Fit the dry replacement patch where the damaged piece was and use your knife to trim it where necessary. Make sure the patch sits appropriately and fits the rest of the floor.

Then apply the adhesive with the putty knife evenly on the floor and put the new patch in place. After the floor adhesive dries, you can use the sealer on the seam to help the patch blend better.


The vinyl flooring is a versatile piece to add to your house; the benefits are tremendous. When you discover the flooring is damaged, you don’t need to panic; the repair is easy and quick.

You can do it within a few minutes, and if done right, the repairs won’t be noticeable. Failing to repair the damages can lead to replacing the entire floor.

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