One way to boost the life of your flooring, whether it’s hardwood, laminate or vinyl, is with floor underlayment. It is a thin material placed between the floor covering and subfloor. Floor underlay protects your floor by absorbing the impact caused by foot traffic.

By acting as a shock absorber, the underlay reduces the degree of punishment that flooring has to endure over its lifetime. Consequently, your floors get to last a bit longer than usual. Floors with underlay tend to be very comfortable thanks to the extra cushioning.

In some instances, underlay reduces noise, making it perfect for offices and other environments. UK Flooring Supplies stocks underlay from top manufacturers. Choose from a selection of colours and styles.

Underlay for Every Floor

Our range of underlayment means that you can get products to match your floors. We have underlay for laminate flooring that will help with even distribution and stability. If your space has carpeting, we stock an array of carpet underlay solutions that can blend with numerous decor themes.

We also carry an extensive selection of underlay for vinyl flooring that gives floors that soft feel. Whatever the room size, you can find overlay to suit your requirement.

Browse through the flooring underlay options we have at UK Flooring Supplies and extend the life of your floors.