luxury vinyl tilesNowadays, most people are opting vinyl flooring due to its added advantages such as comfort and noise reduction. Vinyl flooring is also easy to maintain, meaning you either choose to do the installation yourself if you have the required tools.

The availability of the necessary tools will — in a considerable percentage determine the quality of your work. The use of a different range of vinyl flooring tools also makes the task easier and reduces the chances of material damages.

You should first ensure that you have all the right tools and equipment before work begins, especially if you are dealing with luxury vinyl tiles. Some of these items are easy to purchase from online stores such as UK Flooring Supplies where you get high-quality tools at the best prices without leaving your house. Below are some of the tools you need when installing vinyl flooring.

Vinyl Roller

A vinyl roller is used to ensure a flat and level vinyl installation by exerting pressure on uneven surfaces. Some areas might have an adhesive build-up which needs to be evenly distributed or flattened.

Edge Roller

An edge roller can either be a round edge or a square edge. These hand-held rollers are used to press the vinyl to the adhesive in areas close to the walls. This tool has a weight of 2lbs to provide the required pressure. The rollers have an ultra-smooth surface made of a zinc plate to minimise the chances of scratching and indentations on the luxury vinyl tiles.

Quarter Moon Knife

You can use this specially designed knife to trim excess welding rod from the seam area when it cools. Cutting off the excess welding will leave the seam area flush with the floor. For effective use, this knife must be accompanied by a trim guide.

Trim Guide

A trim guide helps the user in controlling the depth of the cut to avoid damage. It is used together with a quarter moon knife in a two-step process. You should start by inserting the trim guide beneath the knife before you trim off the excess material in the first pass. The second pass is done with the knife only.

Blade Knife

A blade knife is used to cut off some parts of the vinyl with precision where necessary. There are many brands of knives available in the market, but you should choose the Knife with the best grip and pulling capability.

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