A good carpet has to suit the specific environment where it is used, and that is what you get with CFS carpet tiles. The manufacturer makes carpet tiles that cater to the diverse requirements of customers.

You can get tiles for residential and commercial purposes for settings such as office receptions, care homes and living rooms. UK Flooring Supplies stocks CFS flooring solutions, including carpet tile ranges like Typhoon, Tredline and Chinook.

A CFS carpet is made for high performance and can withstand heavy traffic use. The hard-wearing nature of the carpet tiles guarantees that you enjoy excellent service for a long while.

CFS Carpet Tiles to Meet Your Needs

The construction of different CFS tiles makes them suitable for particular roles. You have to consider the type of pile, fibre content, backing and weight of a carpet tile when choosing one. For example, the Chinook collection is made for continuous use with castor chairs, and it is thermal resistant and anti-static.

These features make the tiles ideal for high-traffic indoor environments like offices. We have a collection of other superior-quality tiles such as Burmatex and Interface that you can incorporate with CFS tiles.

At UK Flooring Supplies Online, we offer CFS carpet tiles in extensive colour varieties, cuts and styles. Browse the collection to find what works for you.