Heckmondwike Carpet Tiles

The right commercial carpet means different things to various users. What’s standard though is that it has to be hard wearing to withstand the heavy traffic in commercial spaces. The Heckmondwike carpet collection is one of the flooring solutions to consider for such environments.

Heckmondwike is a top carpet brand thanks to the quality of its products. For over 50 years, architects and developers have been using the carpet tiles in numerous settings. The public sector, retail and office buildings are some of the places where the carpet tiles are used.

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Carpet Tiles Worth Your Money

The carpet tiles, besides being fibre bonded, are engineered for durability, which makes them ideal for tough conditions. Heckmondwike doesn’t just focus on the lifespan of the carpets but safety, as well.

You can fit the carpeting in retail outlets and other heavy-contract areas without compromising the safety of users thanks to anti-slip properties. The bonded carpet collection also delivers excellent acoustics.

If you are looking to combine the carpet tiles with other hard-wearing options, Burmatex is a top pick.

A Range of Choices

Heckmondwike is big on style, and that is reflected in its different types of carpet tiles. Whether you are refurbishing commercial offices or decorating a new space, you can find an appropriate choice of carpeting. You have the Supacord line, which is perfect for the education sector.

If you want carpet planks with a wider rib structure, then there is Broadrib. Array is the creative collection that adds personality to a space. Heckmondwike also has carpet tiles for entrance areas – Battleship/Hippo. Besides these options, the carpeting also pairs well with other brands like Interface.

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