Gradus Carpets

Gradus is one of the UK’s top makers of premium carpets. The manufacturer specialises in contract use carpets that are designed for all kinds of environments from offices to care homes. Gradus carpets blend aesthetics, functionality and comfort to give customers quality products that promise durability.

Gradus picks high-performance materials such as polypropylene and nylon to make carpets that are capable of withstanding harsh conditions and regular use.

At UK Flooring Supplies, we offer a broad category of Gradus carpeting solutions for our diverse clientele. The carpets are available in impervious backs, tile and broadloom to meet the varying requirements of different settings.

Built for High Performance

The carpets are suitable for even the most demanding environments. Gradus carpeting comes with the BREEAM certification, meaning that they have been tested for different environmental profiles.

This certification means that they can be used in healthcare facilities, education and multi-residential buildings. When buying Gradus carpet tiles, you have the option of picking the area of application to narrow your choices.

For instance, if the carpet is for a commercial office reception, Gradus recommends products such as Urban Myth, Stratus Stripe and Emphasis. If you are unsure about the right carpet to get for your project, we can help streamline the selection process.

Carpeting for All Themes

One big advantage that Gradus offers with its carpeting is the broad category of products. Carpets are available in many patterns, colours and styles. From tile and plank formats to textured loop piles, buyers have an incredible range.

If you wish to complement a contemporary decoration theme in your private office, we have the appropriate designs and colours. Whether you want a plain look or something eccentric, you can find it with Gradus carpeting alternatives.

Create interesting floor schemes without compromising comfort with the Gradus line of carpets. Contact UK Flooring Supplies for genuine Gradus carpets for different applications.