Interface Carpet Tiles

Interface is an industry leader in carpet tiles, and at UK Flooring Supplies, we offer only the best. We have Interface carpet tiles in an extensive range that meets different flooring needs.

The carpet tiles by Interface are designed to create interior spaces that bring comfort and safety to the people using them. Interface makes tiles that can survive constant use. You can get the carpet tiles for various commercial settings, including retail shops, office spaces and lobbies.

With proper installation and maintenance, your flooring will last a few years without requiring a replacement. Interface has a 10-year guarantee on its carpet squares/tiles.

Customise Your Carpets

Even though the carpet ranges are standard, Interface allows you to get customised carpeting for your specific needs. The manufacturer has over 150 styles in a staggering array of colours. Buyers can mix and match Interface carpet tiles according to need.

At UK Flooring Supplies, we have vast pattern and colour options. For example, if it’s the Yuton 105 line, you can get it in Indian Red, Bistre or Driftwood, among others. Luxury vinyl tiles are all available.

We have Burmatex carpet tiles for customers who want to combine flooring from different brands. Take the time to find the carpet tile that satisfies your decoration requirements.

World-class Engineering

Interface infuses various technologies on its carpets. The manufacturer designs tiles that adhere to the highest environmental standards. If your building is looking to receive energy certification, then Interface carpet tiles will help a great deal.

These tiles are made to absorb sound, which is why they are suitable for workspaces. TacTiles by Interface makes it possible to install modular flooring without using glue.

The technology causes no damage to the subfloor and doesn’t leave residue on the tiles. It is also moisture and temperature resistant, which improves the durability of your carpet tile.

Contact us for stylish, durable and genuine carpet planks and tiles for different commercial uses.

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