Damp Proof Membranes (DPM)

Liquid Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) is used on concrete floors to prevent damp, mould and condensation. It has a protective coating that prevents it from adhering to the concrete surface. The membrane is placed onto the floor using a roller and then left to dry this top coat protects it as well as gives the floor a smooth finish once finished.

When it comes to concrete floors, moisture is a common problem. It can lead to damp patches on your patio, sports hall or garage floor which are unsightly and can damage goods placed on them. Liquid DPM acts as a waterpoofing system by filling the space between the ground and slab with a liquid impervious membrane, stopping moisture from seeping into the ground.

Liquid Damp Proof Membrane Benefits

This product is used as an alternative to a damp proof course and is used by professional tradesmen as well as do it yourself homeowners. There are many benefits of using the product including;

  • No need for costly ground works
  • Does not require any structural changes or additions to your home
  • Very cost effective

Buy With Confidence

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