What’s so appealing about vinyl flooring? As you shop for the perfect floors for your home or place of business, vinyl flooring might have come up more than a few times.

Durability is a big reason these flooring solutions are popular, especially when you buy a quality brand. Gerflor is a top manufacturer of vinyl safety floors across the UK and beyond.

UK Flooring Supplies Online, we stock an impressive selection of Gerflor sheet vinyl floors that are suitable for numerous environments such as bathrooms, kitchens and other moisture-prone areas.

Unrivaled Performance

Gerflor safety flooring is worth the investment because it delivers some of the best service from vinyl sheets. The product has a deep concentration of anti-slip particles that give it an R10 permanent slip-resistance rating.

This feature makes the floor safe to use in sections that are prone to spillages. PUR treatment decreases the degree of maintenance of the floor, which saves you money. Our Altro flooring is a practical alternative to Gerflor vinyl floors.

You enjoy the same excellent engineering that guarantees the safety of users. Both Gerflor and Altro are built for harsh conditions. Our vinyl sheets come in several colourways and effects to suit a diverse range of needs.

For expertly engineered flooring, turn to Gerflor sheet vinyl. Look through our available selection to settle on an ideal colour and design.