Slip Resistant Safety Vinyl

Safe & Reliable Non Slip Flooring

It is always better to be ‘safe than sorry’ and therefore when selecting your new non slip flooring it is vital to consider the health and safety aspects and assess what level of ‘slip resistance’ is required.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advises and recommends using floor surfaces that meet floor slip ‘R Ratings’. A ‘Pendulum test’ is used to test how slip resistant a flooring type is and the flooring will then be rated between R9 and R13, depending on the ‘slip resistance value’ scored. A ‘Pendulum Test Value’ (PTV) of 36 or above indicates that the slip potential is low and a reading of 75+ is extremely low risk. The Pendulum test proves if the floors Slip Resistance Value meet the recommended minimum value. PTV results can be used to prove to insurance companies, slip accident claimants and personal injury lawyers that a safe floor environment has been provided.

As health and safety is so important, manufacturers now offer a huge choice of non slip flooring, which is available in hundreds of colours and even stone and wood effects. Slip resistant flooring is extremely popular across every industry sector and is an ideal flooring choice for schools, care homes, leisure centres, wet rooms, bathrooms, nurseries, classrooms and science labs.