Economical Safety Flooring with Altro Contrax

Good safety flooring does not have to be expensive, and Altro makes sure of that. The Altro Contrax is slip-resistant flooring that is designed to offer customer value for money.

You can use the safety flooring for specialist locations such as food preparation areas, canteens and kitchens. UK Flooring Supplies Online has the safety flooring in different colours, including Himalayan green, dusky blue and blood red.

Save Money with Safety Flooring

The Contrax range of floors from Altro is suitably for surfaces exposed to fats, grease and oils. This flooring is easy to clean, meaning you don’t spend too much on maintenance. The non-slip resistance of Contrax lasts for the lifetime of the product.

With a PTV > 36 on the pendulum test, you can expect good performance. For wet rooms and bathrooms, Altro Aquarius is the most appropriate choice while the Walkway range is for hard-wearing surfaces.

Look through our categories of Altro Contrax safety flooring to pick a product that serves your specific needs accordingly.

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