Altro Stronghold 30

Altro Stronghold 30 is slip-resistant flooring that is designed for areas exposed to fats, grease and oils. Slippery floors pose safety hazards like falling accidents, and this flooring is made to minimise these risks.

UK Flooring Supplies stocks the Stronghold 30 line of products from Altro in varying colours and patterns. We give customers the variety they need when it comes to finding a suitable flooring solution.

Altro delivers an aggressive safety flooring that can withstand the harsh conditions in some commercial environments such as kitchens, service areas and canteens.

Floors Built for Maximum Efficiency

The Stronghold 30 range achieves the highest rating for slip resistance at PTV≥55, R12. It retains this resistance for the lifetime of the flooring, making sure your keep surfaces safe even after years of use.

This Altro Stronghold flooring comes with a 33mm thickness that does an excellent job of reducing noise. You can minimise the amount of noise in areas with high traffic like food preparation sections.

The thickness provides comfort for users and prevents fatigue, especially for people who have walk back and forth on the flooring. The floors have passed tests for fire resistance, chemical resistance and castor chair abrasion.

Floors to Match Your Decor

Altro produces functional and long lasting safety flooring in a host of patterns and colours. We have floors that can blend into different decor themes, including minimalism and contemporary.

Vinyl maple, velvet, oyster, midnight and lagoon are some of the colours and styles that you can buy at UK Flooring Supplies. The flooring is easy to clean, making it simple to keep surfaces hygienic.

If you are looking for a flooring solution that will maintain cleanliness and safety in areas that are exposed to oils, fats and grease, Altro Stronghold 30 doesn’t disappoint. Browse through our available product range and find the right flooring product for your commercial needs.

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