Get Forbo Safety Flooring for A Host of Applications

When choosing flooring solutions, you have to consider how safe it is. The wrong floors can increase safety risks such as slip and fall accidents. You must ensure that people won’t have to worry about physical injuries and other damages each time they step on the floor.

Safety flooring is specially engineered to reduce falling risks. A good floor does more than just provide a surface on which to walk. It has to suit the environment.

At UK Flooring Supplies, we have several brands of safety floors available for a diverse range of needs. Forbo safety flooring is among the most popular. The floors are ideal for various high-risk settings like kitchens, bathrooms and restaurants.

Cost-effective Forbo Flooring

Why should you invest in safety flooring? Ultimately, safety flooring saves you significant costs due to the numerous advantages it offers. Forbo safety floors are designed to be hard-wearing. The flooring can take a considerable amount of punishment, making it the solution you require for heavy traffic areas.

Count on your floors lasting several years without manifesting signs of wear. Of course, they need the right care to stay on optimal condition. Altro flooring is another option we have grown safety floor solutions. Forbo, Altro and other safety flooring come in different slip-resistant levels from R10 to R12 to suit a number of environments.

Flooring to Suit Your Decor

Safety flooring doesn’t have to be dull. Forbo presents its safety floors in several ranges, each one offering different colourways. The Surestep Wood, for example, comes in 12 wood effects such as Chestnut, natural seagrass and oak.

You can easily find safety flooring that blends in with your interior decor. Forbo flooring pairs well with other floors such as Polyflor, allowing you to create the perfect look. Go through our available Forbo range to see what works for you.

Contact UK Flooring Supplies for genuine Forbo safety flooring in a selection of colours and textures.