Polyflor Modena PUR

Polyflor developed the Modena line of luxury vinyl tiles in a bid to create an aesthetically pleasing flooring solution that also provided sustainable slip resistance. The flooring is made for heavy traffic areas with a high risk of spillages and other contaminants.

They are suitable to install in several domestic and commercial environments. You can get Polysafe Modena PUR floors for cafes, reception areas, home corridors, hospital wards and classrooms, among many others.

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Modena Floors That Prioritise Safety

The innovative Polysafe PUR provides a polyurethane reinforcement that makes the floors ideal for heavy traffic use. PUR retains the appearance of the LVT even when they have to put up with constant traffic.

The floors come with built-in slip resistance that reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents. Polyflor infuses clear aluminium oxide that guarantees the compliance of the vinyl tiles with the UK slip resistance guidelines.

They have a surface roughness of 20 microns and a 36+ in the pendulum wet test. If you are getting flooring for a wet area, then the Polysafe Hydro is a suitable alternative.

Safe and Stylish Floors

Safety floors don’t have to compromise appearance for good engineering, and Modena PUR proves that. The safety particles in the tiles are practically invisible, which means that they don’t detract from the aesthetics. Polysafe Standard is another safety flooring option that delivers great-looking tiles.

For the best safety floors for heavy-traffic environments, get Polysafe Modena PUR from us for highly competitive prices.

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