Polysafe Standard

Durable All-Purpose Safety Flooring with Polysafe Standard

Safety flooring has to meet certain standards to be considered safe for use in various environments. Finding the correct type of floor for certain areas can be taxing.

At UK Flooring Supplies, we make that easy. We provide a broad category of safety flooring solutions like Polysafe Standard. The Polyflor product is made for heavy-duty performance.

It handles itself well in settings with high risks of water spillage and various contaminants. The flooring boasts sustainable slip resistance that lasts for the duration of its lifespan. Customers can be confident about the sustainability of floors because the manufacturer uses 100% recycled materials.

Attractive and Durable Interiors

As much as quality engineering is vital in non slip flooring, it’s not the only element that matters. Aesthetics mean a lot as well, and Polyflor understands that. Its Polysafe flooring comes in 16 colours, and we have all of them available. They range from captivatingly bright hues like Redwood to relaxed shades like Ash Grey.

Your decoration requirements determine the most suitable choice. If you want safety flooring with wood effects, Polysafe Wood FX is a suitable choice. You can install the Standard Polysafe flooring in food preparation areas, classrooms and washrooms.

We cater to residential and commercial clients. Due to UV curing, the floor is easy to clean and doesn’t fade prematurely. With proper care, your interiors maintain their appearance for a long while.

Browse our available range of Polysafe Standard products to settle on your desired floor solutions. Order £150 worth of products and get free shipping.

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