EnviroStik Aqua Bond Adhesive 310ml (box of 12)


Price is per box of 12x 310ml cartridges.


Aqua Bond Adhesive Cartridge is a single component moisture-curing adhesive of trowelable viscosity designed for bonding synthetic sports surfaces and artificial grass carpets to a variety of substrates or jointing tapes. The adhesive is tolerant to use in damp and cold conditions, with the final bonds being fully resistant to climatic conditions. Single component moisture-curing adhesive. Simple application for artificial lawn construction and repair situations. Applied to one surface, the adhesive exhibits high bond strength 310 ml cartridges (This item includes 12 cartridges).

Approx. coverage: 500 – 1500 g/ m2 depending on substrates and type of carpet. Product information has been obtained from manufacturer.