ES100 One Coat Universal DPM 10kg


Tremco ES100- a two part epoxy based damp proof membrane.

ES100 has been developed to suppress residual moisture in subfloors made from concrete and sand/cement subfloors. In just one single coast application the ES100 provides a guaranteed surface damp proof membrane.

Please see the product data sheet below provided by Tremco for full product details.

10 Kg will cover approximately 20-24 square metres.

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One single application of ES100 provides a guaranteed damp proof surface for concrete and sand/cement subfloors. This is ideal for new buildings, basements, and mudrooms where flooring or installing the floor boards cannot take place immediately after construction.

It also works to preserve moisture-sensitive materials like hardwood floors that can be installed anytime into damp areas without risking damage by future flooding. Last but not least it will add value through protection against breakage from inevitable tile installations in basement or other low-lying spaces!