F Ball F60 Styccobond Contact Adhesive 5 Litres


5 Litres


F Ball F60 Contact Adhesive- Primarily used for securing PVC & rubber coving & skirting.

Suitable for securing coving and skirting with a PVC or rubber backing, Vinyl sheet and tiles with felt, PVC foam and PVC backings, Linoleum with jute/ hessian and polyester backing, rubber sheet and tile with a rubber backing or cork with a cork or PVC backing. This quick drying adhesive has an open time of 30 minutes and is applied to both surfaces to provide an instant bond, making ideal for securing floorcoverings and wall coverings vertically such as on stairs. The F60 adhesive can be used over normal underfloor heating and is suitable for normal wet cleaning methods.

5 Litres will cover an approximate area of 10m2.

Demonstration Video

F60 Product Data Sheet

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