F Ball F41 Styccobond Carpet Tile Tackifier




Use for securing carpet Tiles with a Bitumen/Felt, Non-woven Fabric and other polymer backing. A solvent free emulsion adhesive designed to provide a permanently tacky film to prevent loose lay carpet tiles from moving. It allows the tile to be lifted and replaced easily without remedial work. Non-flammable and resistant to plasticiser migration. The tackifier has an added rust inhibitor element, which prevents the product from causing oxidation when used on raised access flooring or other metallic subfloors. The tackifier is protected against biodegradation and is suitable for use over underfloor heating installations.

5 Litres- covers Approx. 35-100 m2

15 Litres- covers approx. 105-300 m2

25 Litres- covers approx. 175-500 m2

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