£9.95 m2

This product is available in 2m and 4m widths.

Minimum orders of;

Width 2m = 2 m2

Width 4m = 4 m2

Total Area (sq m)
Product Price


Supacord is widely specified for many education buildings across the UK. In addition to the education sector, Supacord can be found in retail outlets, office environments and public sector buildings. Supacord is highly cost competitive and is the perfect choice for areas of heavy wear and tear. Key features include: • British made • Will not ravel or fray • Antistatic • Anti-slip • Thermal properties conserve heat • Acoustic properties reduce noise pollution • Low maintenance costs • Low installation costs Available in 2m or 4m widths with ribs running down the length of the roll. Minimum order applies; Width 2m= 2 m2 Width 4m= 4 m2 All product information has been obtained from the manufacturer.

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