Sheet plywood 6mm thick 2.44 x 1.22m (8 x 4 foot)


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High-Grade Plywood for Varied Construction Needs

Plywood, plyboard or ply contains thin layers of wood veneers. The sheets or plies of wood are glued together, making the material stronger than most wooden sheeting. In most cases, the face sheets are of a higher quality than the core veneers.

For this reason, plywood creates beautiful, durable surfaces. At Flooring Supplies Online, we stock plyboard in different sizes. The 6mm plywood is one of our best sellers. It is ideal for subfloors. You can also use the 8×4 plywood for a number of other construction applications, especially when you need layered surfaces.

Plywood That Lasts

Ply sheeting is available in different grades. Our panels are hardwood plywood, which is made from strong timber. It is usually from dicot trees, such as mahogany, oak and beech. Therefore, they are ideal for applications that demand durability.

You will find that the plyboard has high impact resistance and strength and, therefore, suitable for heavy-duty floors. Our 6mm plywood sheets for flooring are ideal for various commercial settings.

The panels are strong enough to survive regular and high-traffic usage. They work well with commercial laminate. For long-lasting construction, ensure that you use the correct wood floor glue. We stock several top brands of superior quality adhesives.

Other Properties of Plywood

The material is highly flexible, which is why it is easy to get at any thickness. When used for laminate flooring, plywood provides more stable surfaces than standard timber. You won’t have to worry about the board snapping back when used on curved surfaces.

Plyboard is highly resistant to moisture, making it ideal for exterior constructions. You can use plywood sheets 8×4 panels for sheds and cladding. Another advantage of building with the timber sheet is the material’s impressive thermal and acoustic insulation. You can have several layers of ply to boost floor insulation.

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