What is Engineered Wood Flooring?What is Engineered Wood Flooring_

Knowing what engineered flooring is and the benefits associated with it is worthwhile. Let us explain how it is made and how you can use it in your home design.

The Difference Between Solid Hardwood And Engineered Wood

For hard surface flooring, a lot of options are involved. Due to the various options, one may find it hard to get the difference between the two. However, the construction of an engineered wood floor involves layers of both plywood and hardwood. In this case, solid hardwood has no layers, and it is just a solid piece of wood.

Additionally, engineered hardwood construction is durable, and its performance is highly rated. Also, its veneer offers a beautiful and natural look.

Its style

Engineered hardwood flooring gives a variety of styles to choose from for your abode. Does your heart desire a contemporary or classic style for your home? This floor offers that. Additionally, in whichever section of your home you install, you will still get an eye-catching statement; beautiful and long-lasting surface. You can get one of the hottest species such as oak, hickory, and maple. If you want a visual outlook of your floor, you can acquire the hand scarped.


An engineered wood floor can last a lifetime, depending on how thick the veneers topping the floor are. Also, the quality and maintenance contribute to its durability. Innovative techniques during manufacturing make it suitable for any room. You can install it in the bathroom or the basement. However, you may need to ensure that there are no extreme moisture issues. It is quite cheap as compared to hardwood. If you choose engineered wood, you can install any style of floor you admire.

How fast do they scratch?

They can typically last up to 30 years. They are susceptible to scratches since they have a top layer of wood. You can, however, look for the ones with a scratch-resistant topcoat. You can have a look at this engineering woods at UK Flooring Supplies Online.

Is there a similarity between engineered wood and laminate?

Engineered wood flooring might appear similar to laminate flooring. However, the two are not similar. Engineered wood has a top layer of solid wood, which is not the same as the laminate flooring. Laminate has a photographic layer that is enhanced with a wear-layer. The layer looks similar to a wood surface. Furthermore, laminate flooring is generally thinner.

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