How is Slip Resistance Measured on Vinyl Safety Floors?

How is Slip Resistance Measured on Vinyl Safety FloorsThere are many environments associated with specific safety concerns in relation to accidental slips and falls. Schools, hospitals, waiting areas, and other public spaces will therefore choose to employ anti-slip flooring.

This material helps to ensure that patrons and workers do not incur any injuries and yet, it is also an extremely attractive alternative to traditional flooring options. The main takeaway point is that there are different grades of this surface based upon their resistance to slipping.

How do specialists determine this level and why is it important to choose the appropriate grade for your needs?

The Use of a Tribometer

Without becoming overly technical, the majority of firms will employ an instrument known as a tribometer. A tribometer is a mechanical device which placed in contact with a sample of safety flooring.

Using various techniques, it determines how slippery the surface is and therefore, how likely it will be for an individual to accidentally fall down. Different materials such as water, oil and grease may also be placed atop this flooring in order to simulate specific conditions that might increase the chances of slipping. Once the test has been completed, the floor will be supplied with a rating.

Ratings Explained

Many professional manufacturers such as Altro flooring will give their floors a rating based off of an “R” scale followed by a number. As a rule, safety flooring with a rating of R9 offers the lowest level of slip resistance while those with a value of R13 are boast the highest anti-slip properties. This enable users to make the most informed decision.

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