Altro Flooring

Choose below from our wide range of Altro flooring products at UK Supplies Online. Altro is a pioneer in the safety flooring industry. The Altro safety flooring range is versatile and extensive. With its years of innovation, Altro has come up with high-quality products made from the latest engineering techniques.

The manufacturer builds non slip flooring products for various commercial and industrial applications. Restaurants, schools and commercial offices are a few environments that benefit from the safety features of Altro flooring.

At UK Flooring Supplies, we have a wide selection of flooring solutions, including Altro Aquarius, Walkway, Stronghold and ContraX.

The Altro Safety Flooring Range of Products

This flooring is specially engineered to reduce risk in certain settings. The slip resistant floors are designed to be safe even through spillages, wetness and grease. Altro offers its safety flooring in an array of colours and textures.

For example, Altro Walkway is available in over 40 offerings. You can easily find Altro flooring solutions that meet your decoration needs.

Browse through our different categories of Altro safety flooring to find a product that matches your needs.

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