How To Clean Coir Door Mats

Coir matting is now trending due to its outstanding features besides been eco-friendly. They are the best for high traffic homes with the capacity of absorbing both wetness and mad. They are also water resistance making them ideal for home doors as you can leave them outside.How To Clean Coir Door Mats

So, now do you have one or you are looking forward to purchasing a durable coir doormat, or you want to replace your old mat? Whichever the case, visit UK Flooring Supplies Online and pick your craving seized doormat at affordable price.

Advantages of Purchasing Coir Door Mats

• It’s affordable and biodegradable been made from a natural product.
• It’s durable and long-lasting as you can restructure or reuse.
• Safe as it made from natural coconut fibres, meaning it has coconut oil in its structure. The oil will protect your mat from insects and moulds growth.
• It’s easy to clean.

Having heard a lot about the coir mats, let’s look now on the cleaning process.

The Cleaning Process of Coir Door Mats

Every time you come home from your busy schedule, the first place to step or even leave your dirty shoes is in the doormat. Within a few days, your mat will be full of dust, mud, snow or salt, making it unappealing. So, you will need the following procedure to clean it.

• Evaluate whether your mat needs cleaning. If its dirt, proceed on the cleaning process.
• Second, remove all the visible debris and dirt using a brush. Note, while scrubbing pay attention to the type of mat you have as a thick one requires a lot of scrubbing, unlike thin mat.
• Third, if your mat has stubborn dirt, use a cleaning tool like the vacuum cleaner. Here, you vacuum your carpet severally while using the vacuum cleaner attachments to scrub the mat thoroughly.
• Hang your mat in on open place and use your broom handle to beat it, ensuring no dirt left within the fibres. You can also do this over grass.
• Finally, use water and firm prickled brush to remove any remaining dirt particles. Then, now dry your doormat using sunlight by laying it in an open place.

Note, ensure you clean your doorway and shake out your mat regularly to maintain it clean. Besides, coir matting, you can purchase other flooring products from UK Flooring supplies online. Enjoy affordable and quality products from top industry brands and quick delivery throughout the UK.

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