Coir Matting Sheet

Beautiful Entrances with Coir Matting

The mat you put at the entrance of your commercial space contributes to the degree of care that the rest of the floor gets. A good entrance mat should be capable of brushing off the dirt from soles so that they don’t track it to the interior flooring. Coir matting specifically provides this type of service. The fibres of this mat are made from the husk of a coconut, which provides a durable product. With the hard-wearing PVC backing that is bonded to the fibres permanently, you are assured of a long lasting carpet solution. At UK Flooring Supplies, you can find a range of heavy duty coir mats that are ideal for use in public areas.

The Effectiveness of Coir Matting

A big justification for investing in our coir door mats is that they keep carpeting, hardwood floors and tiles in good condition. The fibres of the rug reach to the deep crevices in a sole’s tread to brush off the sand, dust and other debris. Doing this reduces the risk of transferring dirt onto the flooring. It also decreases scuffing. Coir mats have excellent moisture absorption, which helps during the wet season. It manages to keep the floor dry, thereby boosting its lifespan. The durability of coir makes the mats suitable for high traffic areas. You can buy our coir entrance matting for restaurants, office lobbies and regularly used hallways.

Stylish Entrances

Coir fibres can be dyed to offer a broad selection of coloured mats. You have the option of natural getting coir matting that blends with the rest of the interior. Look through our selection of coir mats to see if you can find your preferred colour. This material is naturally good looking with a simple elegance that provides a classic look.

Coir door mats are valuable investments for areas that deal with high foot traffic like shops, pubs and restaurants, and you can find them readily at UK Flooring Supplies.

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