How To Install Carpet Tiles Over Existing Carpet

How To Install Carpet Tiles Over Existing CarpetThere are many reasons why you may wish to place carpet tiles over an existing layer of carpet. Not only can this change the entire appeal of the room, but it is often the best choice if the original carpet cannot be removed without damaging the underlying floor.

The process itself is rather straightforward and yet, it is still a good idea to break it down into a series of steps so that each can be tackled at the appropriate time.

Cleaning and Preparation

Whether referring to a home-based project or installing a series of commercial carpet tiles, it is first necessary to thoroughly clean the existing carpet so that it is free from dust and debris. If you happen to used a steam cleaner, make sure that the pile dries completely before moving on.

Carpet Piles of Different Heights

If you are installing carpet tiles over a carpet with a very low (thin) pile, the tiles will normally not require the use of any type additional backing for stability. However, this is not the case with high piles. Placing tiles immediately over this type of carpet can cause uneven areas.

It is best to first measure out the dimensions of the room and cut a series of plywood boards. These can be placed over the existing carpet; ensuring a firm and smooth surface when the tiles are put in place.

Keep in mind that it is also important to choose high-quality brands such as Interface carpet tiles so that durability and style are guaranteed. Carpet tiles can add an entirely new personality to any room and thanks to modern manufacturing methods, they will be able to last for decades at a time if cared for properly. Be sure to contact the specialists at UK Flooring Supplies Online for additional information.

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