How To Remove Vinyl Tiles From ConcreteHow To Remove Vinyl Tiles From Concrete

There are often times when vinyl tiles have adhered to concrete. Should they need to be removed, it is important to appreciate the steps that are involved. The good news is that this process is actually much easier than it may initially appear. You will require a standard utility knife, a putty knife (or a scraper) and a heat gun. Let us examine what is actually involved.

Slicing the Tile with a Safe Utility Knife

Using a quality utility knife, cut around the periphery of the tile. This is often easier than trying to penetrate the centre due to the extensive presence of flooring adhesive. Make certain that the blade is sharp, as this will expedite the process. Furthermore, do not pull the knife towards your body; this can lead to a serious injury.

Prying up the Loose Segments

Once you have cut around the periphery of the tile, insert the leading edge of the putty knife beneath the surface. You should be able to lift the edges of the tile up with a bit of effort.

If it still proves challenging to remove, tapping the handle of the putty knife with a hammer will help. Please note that depending upon the age of the tiles, they may come up in sections as opposed to a single square.

Dealing with the Remaining Adhesive

The chances are high that some adhesive will remain attached to the underlying concrete surface. One effective way to remove this coating is to warm it up with a heat gun until it melts.

As it begins to turn into a gum-like substance, it can be removed with the previously mentioned putty knife. If you happen to use chemical adhesive remover, be sure that you are within a well-ventilated area due to potentially dangerous fumes.

This is one of the most effective ways to remove tiles from concrete. If you are looking to replace an outdated or worn surface with quality non slip vinyl flooring, please speak with the team at UK Flooring Supplies Online. You will be amazed at the array of unique choices that are now available.

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