Artificial Grass

Create Beautiful Spaces with Artificial Grass

Artificial turf can transform a simple environment into a luxurious space that livens up the entire area. Synthetic or human-made turf refers to grass that doesn’t grow naturally.

Therefore, seeding and watering are not necessary to get a lush layer. Over the last several years, the quality of artificial grass has improved dramatically.

Now you will find fake grass that looks like the real thing. For this reason, synthetic lawns have become popular in various settings.

You can install artificial grass indoors or outdoors depending on need. The only thing you need is to find the most suitable products for the environment.

UK Flooring Supplies is one of the top artificial grass suppliers where you can get genuine fake turf for varied applications. We cater to an extensive market for both domestic and residential applications.

Superior Standard Artificial Turf

The CFS Lavish Lawns range of synthetic grass is one of our best sellers. CFS manufactures industry-leading flooring solutions, and the artificial lawn collection is among the top choices for UK customers. The synthetic grass is as natural-looking as it gets.

So, it allows you to create luxurious green spaces without the demands of natural grass. It means that you don’t have to fret about watering schedules or regular mowing. Since the fake lawn is weather-resistant, it is suitable for various settings.

You can fit the grass in children or pet play areas, office lobbies, schools, restaurants, home exteriors and nurseries, among many other places. CFS Lavish Lawns come with a 10-year warranty.

Get The Perfect Lawn

With 8 different designs to choose from, our customers can easily find the most appropriate grass products for their applications. The synthetic tuft is available in several lengths, and your budget and space requirements will determine the most suitable one.

Why should you buy from us? Besides offering top-tier products, we have the lowest online prices. Our customers also enjoy fast delivery and free shipping for orders of above £150. We offer a free sample to help customers decide objectively when picking fake grass.

As one of the leading artificial grass suppliers in the UK, we offer an impressive range of products. Look through our current selection to find what works for you.