Altro Aquarius

Finding the correct floors for wet environments sometimes means having to compromise good looks for safety or vice versa. Altro Aquarius lets you have everything you need in a floor in one product. The product is developed for both wet and dry environments, meaning that you get some flexibility when working with it. You can install the flooring in places such as bathrooms, kitchens and wash areas. The dual purpose allows the floor to adapt to its current environment. You can get Altro Aquarius safety flooring from UK Flooring Supplies for varied building needs. Whether it’s a new home or a commercial space, Altro Aquarius performs excellently.

Durable Safety Flooring

The length that a safety floor lasts is one aspect you must consider carefully when buying one. Altro Aquarius is built to serve you for years without losing its best qualities. Sustained slip resistance is one of the features of this Altro floor. It achieves PTV ≥50 (Slider 96) on the pendulum test. Besides that, this flooring has been tested with different types of shoes to see how well it holds up. Expect the best service from Altro Aquarius whether people wear rubber shoes or safety boots on it. The flooring has also been subjected to various contaminants. You can fit the product on high-risk wet floors that are exposed to chemicals such as hospitals and laboratories.

Versatile Flooring

Altro Aquarius comes in several colour selections that include plain hues and tonal chip options. Whatever theme you have going on, you can find a floor to match it. This product can be used with Altro Whiterock, Altro Walkway 20 and Altro Suprema. The floor is easy to clean, which simplifies maintenance. Altro Aquarius safety flooring has been tested for barefoot and a variety of shoes, making it appropriate for a host of wet floor applications. Contact us for genuine and high-quality Altro Aquarius.

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