Entrance Matting

Heavy Duty Commercial Entrance Mats

Heavy duty entrance mats are very hard wearing carpet products that are fitted in areas that are subject to high traffic areas coming into the building from the outdoors such as reception areas and doorways. These products generally come in carpet sheet or tiles and it is advised they are fitted at least 2 metres into the building.

Their purpose is to prevent and reduce dirt and moisture being tracked into the main areas of a building which as a result can reduce the risk of slips, if entering onto an area fitted with hard flooring such as vinyl, laminate or wood. The high quality entrance matting products we offer within this category are made by the top flooring manufacturers including Heckmondwike and CFS.

We can supply pretty much any type of commercial entrance mats whether it be sheet, tile, recessed entrance mats or coir matting – if the product you require for your entrance matting system is not currently featured on our website, please contact us for a price. As these products are usually fitted at the outdoor entrance or indoor entrance of a commercial building, they help to create a welcoming environment of a style which suits your company’s image for potential clients and customers.This is why is our floor mats come in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs and are all hard wearing with high performance qualities. These products usually come with a ribbed, diamond or pebble type surface effect and many of the tile ranges can be laid broadloom or checkerboard, depending on what effect you would like to achieve.

Just like carpet tiles they are easy to secure and if a specific tile or number of tiles are stained then you can easily remove them and replace with new, rather than having to replace the whole area.