PVC Accessories

Qualify PVC Accessories for Flawless Flooring

How your floor turns out depends partly on the accessories used. Regardless is how well-designed and high quality a flooring solution is, if you use second-grade accessories during installation, then it’s bound to be defective. So, ensure that you get the best products to facilitate flooring installations. At Flooring Supplies Online, we provide a range of PVC accessories that you can use with various products. Below we present some of the options.

Cap and Cove

When you intend to create floors with no seams, then you have to invest in durable cap & cove products. The capping strip runs along the top of the flooring and across the wall, which ensures that the planks, tiles or sheets are completely sealed. Because there are no gaps between the floor and wall, harmful bacteria don’t have a place to breed. You can use cap & cove with a number of safety flooring solutions like Altro flooring. Fitting cap and cove on your floor improves safety since it eliminates corners where people could trip.

PVC Coving & Coved Skirting

Another accessory you can buy here is PV coving. A coving is a concave-shaped extrusion made of soft material added to floors. It sticks to the surfaces to create a smooth and fine finish. You can find PV coving in different sizes and colours to suit your flooring needs. We also stock coved skirting, which is rounded moulding used at wall and floor junctions. They are perfect when looking to soften the appearance of sharp corners.

PVC Flat Trim

Floor trims are thin strips designed to even out flooring. A flat trim fits at the end of the flooring, which gives a professional finished look. You can use a PVC flat trim with all kinds of floors, including some very exciting Karndean types. Besides complementing the floor design, a flat trim acts as a barrier against mould and mildew.

Whatever flooring you are installing, you can find appropriate PVC accessories here. You can expect some of the lowest online prices and free delivery for purchases over £150.