CFS Lavish Lawns

CFS lavish lawn are popular since they offer unmatched quality flooring for commercial and residential supplies at the lowest prices.

Summary about the CFS Lavish Lawn

It is a product that will let you liven up your home through the lavish summer artificial grass. It is high quality and only requires low maintenance, making it possible for you to enjoy the lively environment all-round the year. You won’t need to mow, spend time clearing the mess. It is UV resistant and can last up to 10 years.

The Features

• Made of polyethylene and polypropylene
• Woven polypropylene with fiber locked fleece.
• Total weight 2285g/meter squared.
• Total height 42mm
• Roll width 4m

We offer the lowest online prices on all lavish lawn and artificial grass accessories. We guarantee our customers competitive prices from the market since we collaborate with other major flooring manufacturers.

We also keep in touch with the other manufacturers, which allows us to be up to date with the upcoming flooring trends and innovations in the market.

We also offer fast and free delivery for orders over 150 pounds since we understand the need to meet your deadlines.

We know additional time spent on a project would mean foregoing some other projects elsewhere, and time is lost.

Therefore, we work on your order immediately, and it is ready for collection a few days later or even the same day for those around our main depots.

The CFS Lavish Lawns artificial floor offers many benefits, unlike the real thing. You will no have to keep incurring continuous maintenance costs keeping the natural grass decent.

However, the quality of the synthetic determines how long the lawn will last. The CFS Lavish Lawn are the best artificial grass you will find in the market. They are made from high-quality material since the manufacturer endeavours to make highly durable synthetic material.

Importantly, CFS lavish lawn is eco-friendly and resistant to weather changes. The ability to withstand tough weather conditions will save you a significant amount of money.
We bring style to your space.

Our products will transform your space, giving it a lavish touch from the CFS lavish lawns. Thus, you can always reach out to us for genuine products which come in a range of colours, and thus you can choose depending on your needs.

You can transform your space through a luxurious, elegant and artificial lawn with the CFS lavish lawn
since they can provide more benefits, unlike other kinds of lawns.

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