Altro Walkway 20

A lot of elements come to play when deciding which products to get for safety flooring. You must ensure that everyone who comes into contact with them is safe. It means they have to be resistant to slippage and premature damage. Altro Walkway 20 is one product that delivers on this functionality better than most. Altro floors are designed to meet various flooring requirements. At UK Flooring Supplies Online, we always aim to give our customers top flooring solutions, and this is one. The Altro flooring is available in 42 colour ranges, which offers you a healthy selection of choices.

Safe Flooring for Tough Conditions

Restaurants, gyms and retail stores are some of the places that require safety floors. Many of these environments expose floors to harsh conditions, including heavy traffic, chemical spillages and abrasions. Altro Walkway 20 is built to deal with such threats. The product rates PTV ≥ 36 on the pendulum test, which means that you can count on the flooring to maintain its resistance throughout its lifetime. Our customers can expect high resistance to stain and abrasion. These qualities make the product ideal for heavy traffic regions. The product shares its colour range with Altro Xpress Lay, making it easier to use both products when you need adhesive-free flooring in adjacent areas.

Quality Safety Flooring

Maintenance is a big determinant when picking safety flooring, and with this Altro Floor, you get good value. Its resistance to stains, chemicals and abrasions mean that it doesn’t demand costly repairs to look presentable. The floor has PUR cleanability, which is another plus side. This hugely popular floor is easy to cove and weld, which opens up different installation options for customers. With 42 colour ranges, you can get Altro Walkway flooring to match just about any theme. The unique features of this multipurpose Altro floor make it a practical investment for hard wearing applications.

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