Black Vinyl Flooring

Create Elegant, Durable Floors with Black Vinyl

Are you looking for the perfect flooring solution for your interiors? Then consider black vinyl flooring. The material produces a sophisticated look that doesn’t cost too much.

Vinyl’s affordability is one reason for its massive popularity. You can find black lino floors for different budgets. Besides the cost, vinyl is extremely versatile.

It has numerous texture and hue choices, making it easy to find suitable products for specific settings. Our tile effect and water resistant floors are perfect for the bathroom.

If you are furnishing a kitchen, our product range offers several options. UK Flooring Supplies is a top supplier of vinyl floors, including a black vinyl collection.

Lasting Black Lino Flooring

Vinyl is inherently hard-wearing, which guarantees long service. You won’t have to worry about replacing floors after only a few years. Since the maintenance is not too demanding, your floors can maintain their lustre and colour without costing too much. The material is pet- and child-friendly. So, order the wood effect tiles without the fear of scratching, chipping or warping.

The practical nature of vinyl makes it ideal for busy areas with high foot traffic. We stock black vinyl floors from leading brands, such as Forbo, to ensure you get the best quality. If your decor plans require it, you can combine black and grey vinyl.

Our black vinyl also pairs beautifully with white. Thanks to the varying shades, you can quickly find the right finish for your flooring requirements.

Make an unforgettable statement with stylish black vinyl flooring. Whether it’s domestic or commercial, our products deliver unmatched performance. Browse our range and order your preferred product.

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