Forbo Carpet Tiles

Quality Forbo Carpet Tiles for Heavy Use

When carpeting areas with heavy foot traffic like hallways and office lobbies, you need superior standard flooring. Forbo carpet tiles are made specifically to satisfy such demands. The carpet tiles deliver excellent performance in various environments.

They are built to withstand constant use without losing their good looks. At UK Flooring Supplies Online, you will find Forbo carpeting solutions in a wide array. Pick from the Tessera (tufted), Westbond (fusion bonded) and Flotex (flocked) range of products.

Different Carpet Tile Constructions

Forbo offers its carpets in a variety of constructions to suit different requirements. The loop pile is the standard, and it offers an in-built texture that lasts a long while. With the cut and loop, you get the traditional loop pile but with a more luxurious feel.

Fusion bonded, cut, electrostatically flocked and random lay batchless are some of the other alternatives. If you have modular floors, you can combine Interface carpet tiles for the best results.

Choose your preferred product from the Burmatex range to suit your carpeting requirements.

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