Forbo Safestep Aqua

Good aqua flooring has to be resistant to slipping when used with different footwear. Forbo Safestep flooring is designed for barefoot use as well as soft-soled shoes. This property makes the flooring suitable for many environments, including swimming pools, bathrooms and commercial spaces.

At UK Flooring Supplies Online, we carry a broad range of Forbo Safestep floors to meet the varying requirements of our customers. Whether you are installing wet floors in your place of business or holiday home, we have something that satisfies your budget.

Safestep flooring combines functionality, aesthetics and safety to provide durable products that offer great value.

Cost-effective Maintenance

Aqua Step flooring is popular for the minimal care it requires during its lifetime. The floor has a PUR finish that makes it easy to clean. Simple vacuuming and scrubbing will remove dirt and debris from the surface.

You can clean the floors manually or with a machine, depending on how much traffic they get. Forbo recommends various neutral cleaners that help with stained sections.

Polish is not necessary when cleaning Step flooring because then it will affect the slip resistance. The ease of maintenance makes these products ideal for busy environments.

Floors to Match Any Trend

The wide colour selection of pastels and neutrals is available for aqua flooring is another advantage for buyers. You can find a product that will complement different decor themes whether it’s a minimalist look or modern interior.

From silver grey to taupe to china blue, the ranges are impressive. Forbo safety flooring has unique embossing that gives the surface a distinct look. The products are designed to meet high safety standards that qualify the floors for highly sensitive environments.

UK Flooring Supplies is the go-to supplier when you need durable flooring that performs excellently in wet environments. Get aqua step flooring for light industrial, heavy commercial and high traffic domestic applications.

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